Travel times

Reducing the amount of time people spend moving from point A to point B involves strategies that maximize efficient use of transportation systems. From finding additional capacity to optimizing the use of signals, these strategies can help with recurring congestion and efficient movement of vehicles.

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Title Cost Technology Collaboration
Active traffic management High High Medium
Adaptive signals - coordination, integration, & timing High High Medium
Construction transportation management plans Low Low High
Dynamic lane assignment Medium High Medium
Emergency ride home program Low Low Low
Employee ridesharing Low Low Low
Freight or truck signal priority Medium Medium Medium
High occupancy toll lanes High High High
High occupancy vehicle lanes Medium Medium High
Integrated Corridor Management High High High
Park and ride Medium Medium High
Parking designated for carpool or vanpool Low Low Medium
Planned event or incident signal timing Medium Medium Medium
Proactive signal timing review & optimization Medium Medium Low
Ramp closures Medium Medium High
Ramp metering Medium Medium Medium
Reversible lanes High High High
Signal timing review & optimization Low Medium Low
Signalization & signal alternatives or removal Medium Medium Low
Traffic management center High High High
Traffic signal communication to vehicles High High Medium
Traffic signal priority & preemption Medium Medium Medium
Transit funding during construction Medium Low High
Transit service planning & operations Medium Medium High
Transit signal priority Medium Medium Medium
Traveler information via 511 telephone, social media & web applications Medium High High
Turn lanes Medium Low Low
Unbundled residential parking High Low High
Variable message signs Medium Medium Medium
Variable speed limits Medium Medium Medium
Weigh-in-motion Medium Medium Medium
Work zone intelligent transportation systems Medium High High