TSMO Updates

2023 TSMO Mobility Tours

WSDOT in partnership with Disability Rights Washington and DKS Associates held four Mobility Tours on WSDOT Right of Way (right click to open in new tab) over the summer.  Funded through a State Planning and Research (SPR) grant, these tours were considered workforce development training for WSDOT planning, operations, and design teams and were also attended by local agency partners.

Guidebook for Integrating Transportation Systems Management and Operations in Corridor Planning

WSDOT's Southwest Region developed a guidebook to equip the state, regional, and local transportation operations and planning professionals with the knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to plan for and apply TSMO activities within corridors. 

Get Your Work Zone on the Map

Smart work zones are a WSDOT TSMO solution to track, connect and display the location of every active work zone in the state. Once installed, smart devices identify where and when a work zone is active, including all construction, maintenance, and utility zone locations. With this work zone mapping ability, WSDOT can provide information to minimize traffic effects, including location, potential travel delay, traffic queue warning, and zipper merges, both internally and to third party data providers.