2023 TSMO Mobility Tours

WSDOT in partnership with Disability Rights Washington and DKS Associates held four Mobility Tours on WSDOT Right of Way (right click to open in new tab) over the summer.  Funded through a State Planning and Research (SPR) grant, these tours were considered workforce development training for WSDOT planning, operations, and design teams and were also attended by local agency partners. The goal: learn and share how TSMO, Complete Streets, and Safe System Approach strategies and tools can support WSDOT’s goal of operating a safe and efficient multimodal transportation system.  

Tour stops:

  • Yakima and Seattle by bicycle, transit, and walking, and
  • Vancouver, Battle Ground, and Spokane by transit and walking.

Attendees gained an on-the-ground perspective of the opportunities and challenges faced when designing a safe, efficient, and multimodal transportation system with TSMO strategies. For example, in partnership with Disability Mobility Washington, participants experienced how disabled community members navigate across WSDOT facilities.

Staff takeaways included:

  • Right size solutions to deliver projects more quickly and safely,
  • Expand TSMO tools and strategies available to them,
  • Multimodal solutions can co-exist and benefit all users, and
  • Collaboration within WSDOT and partner agencies can deliver actionable solutions.

Experience tour highlights virtually through a 5-minute video (right click to open in new tab).