Integrating technology

Technology is an important element to TSMO strategies from choosing and installing systems to collecting data for better decision making. Integrating technology speaks to using tools and systems to get the most out of your technology network.

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Title Cost Technology Collaboration
Active traffic management High High Medium
Agreement & policy development Low Low High
Alternative work hours Low Low Low
Bicycle facilities Medium Low High
Congestion pricing High High High
Corridor management - interagency coordination Low Low High
Data availability - WSDOT, other agencies & private sector Medium High High
Emergency vehicle preemption Medium Medium Medium
Enforcement programs - automated speed & red light running Medium Medium High
Freight or truck signal priority Medium Medium Medium
Intersection conflict & trail warning systems Medium Medium Low
Parallel route detouring communication to travelers Medium Medium High
Planned event or incident signal timing Medium Medium Medium
Proactive signal timing review & optimization Medium Medium Low
Queue warnings Medium Medium Low
Road weather information systems Medium Medium Low
Route choice - notifying travelers about travel times or delays Medium Medium High
Signal timing review & optimization Low Medium Low
Special & planned event management Medium Medium High
Telecommuting Low Medium Medium
Tolling for construction or operations costs High High High
Traffic detectors Medium Medium Low
Traffic impact analysis & mitigation planning Low Low Medium
Traffic incident management coordination Medium Medium High
Traffic incident management operations Medium Medium High
Traffic management center High High High
Transit service planning & operations Medium Medium High
Transit signal priority Medium Medium Medium
Traveler information via 511 telephone, social media & web applications Medium High High
Variable message signs Medium Medium Medium
Weigh-in-motion Medium Medium Medium
Work zone intelligent transportation systems Medium High High
Wrong-way driver detection Medium Medium Medium