Level of safety

Travelers rely on getting from point A to B safely. These strategies address conditions that impact level of safety such as roadway design and geometry, signage, driving behavior, and much more.

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Title Cost Technology Collaboration
Access management Medium Low High
Channelization & delineation Low Low Low
Congestion pricing High High High
Construction transportation management plans Low Low High
Curb Management and Complete Street Medium Medium High
Dynamic lane assignment Medium High Medium
Emergency management coordination Medium Medium High
Emergency vehicle preemption Medium Medium Medium
Employee ridesharing Low Low Low
Enforcement programs - automated speed & red light running Medium Medium High
Highway advisory radio Low Low Low
Instant tow Low Low Medium
Integrated Corridor Management High High High
Intersection conflict & trail warning systems Medium Medium Low
Low-cost safety enhancements Low Low Low
Mobility hubs High High High
Pedestrian facilities - crosswalks, ADA compliance Medium Medium High
Queue warnings Medium Medium Low
Ramp closures Medium Medium High
Road diets Medium Low High
Road weather information systems Medium Medium Low
Roundabouts - design & installation High Low Medium
Safety analysis & countermeasure selection Low Low Low
Signage Low Low Low
Signalization & signal alternatives or removal Medium Medium Low
Size & weight restrictions Medium Medium Medium
Speed management Medium Medium High
Traffic calming Low Low High
Traffic impact analysis & mitigation planning Low Low Medium
Traffic incident management coordination Medium Medium High
Traffic incident management operations Medium Medium High
Traffic signal priority & preemption Medium Medium Medium
Truck lane designations & restrictions Low Low Low
Truck parking facility management Medium Medium High
Variable message signs Medium Medium Medium
Weigh-in-motion Medium Medium Medium
Work zone intelligent transportation systems Medium High High
Wrong-way driver detection Medium Medium Medium