Road Freight Delivery

Road freight delivery refers to moving goods over roads by commercial vehicles. It includes topics about Road Freight Transportation, Transporting Freight by Truck, Truck Freight to distinguish it from rail freight services. We will continue to add articles as this category of strategies evolves. 

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  • Truck size and weight restrictions are used to preserve the condition of roadways. The Federal Highway Administration sets the standards for truck size and weight, and states enforce them on the Interstate highway system. 

  • Truck lane designations and restrictions help to reduce collisions or congestion by separating or restricting trucks into designated lanes.

  • Weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems measure the weight of trucks while they are moving in order to identify which vehicles are overweight, so that weight overload penalties can be enforced. The underweight vehicles can bypass the weigh station, while overweight vehicles are directed to another location for additional weighing.